About Us

Our Business Started By Scratching Our Own Itch.

Our business started by scratching our own itch. You see, we launched as a result of our internal efforts to bring on more clients for our parent company, Sygnature. When we first started, we didn’t have a big sales team and we didn’t have investment dollars to spend on traditional marketing channels. Because of this, we were forced to be resourceful and find creative and unique ways to get in front of our ideal customer with our message and offer. After trial and error, we developed a system that uses LinkedIn and E-mail to generate consistent sales leads and appointments. No longer were we hunting down business cards, attending networking events, or desperately seeking referrals. Instead, our strategy allowed us to sit back, relax, and focus on serving our current clientele, knowing we had a system working for us 24/7 to generate qualified meetings between us and potential clients. At the time, we were serving clients with general marketing strategy and media. But after consistently seeing amazing results internally using our strategy, we thought to ourselves: “Hey, why don’t we introduce this to our clients and see if it works for them too?”

Well, today our entire business hinges on our ability to help other business owners generate leads with ease, so I’m sure you know how that experiment worked out… The best part? We’ve confirmed our strategy in dozens of industries, from staffing, to marketing, to coaching, to IT, and everything in between – so we can confidently say that this system works. Our wish for you is that you get to experience the same abundance of leads and peace of mind that we have every single day. No longer are our days filled with tedious, stressful, and desperate sales tactics. We focus on serving our clients and refining our craft. The rest is easy.

If our story resonates with you and you’re ready to take your business to the next level and bring on more clients, schedule a time to talk with us today.

To your success,

The GetMeMeetings team